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And of course every motorcycle that had three cylinders also had three throttle cables, this is Barry's Daytona bike

 Such simpler times eh? The men fished and the women, well the women cooked

Had one just like this, sold as a replica race bike to poor unsuspecting people actually, but one of the best tourers there ever was, and fast did I mention fast

 They loaded up really well and went all

Never had one of these $3,700 dollars brand new when they came out, that was 1/4 of a house in Wainuiomata and largely unobtainable.

Pure motorcycle porn.

Cros showing off.
 Back int t'days when men had t'bloody push t'bloody bikes to makem go.

You'll know when I arrive, but I'll be about 10 minutes behind the front wheel
cafe to cafe endurance dakar bike judging by the size of the tank.

Maico's were always an interesting motorcycle with their sunburst radial finned heads, always different.

A did you know that Ducati raced Paris to Dakar a number of times. Nice magnesium covers there too.

Check out their history below.

Hmmmm Daytona beach was always an interesting place to erh meet nice young ladies.

 These were TM's had one of these as well.
 had one of these the venerable RM's, cant tell if it's a 250 or the 370, it didn't really matter they went like the bomb
had two of these as well. Still have some green fuel line and the woven cloth HT leads ( thanks Michael), I think my one was nicer actually.

 And a couple of these too, shit it amazes me when I think back, there are some bikes I forget I had, then I see a photo and go "oh yeah that;'s right. This bike saved Ducati from Financial ruin and spawned a plethora of cafe style race bikes

These helmets are too nice to be fighting in, Italians, passionate, volatile, and mad as a hat full of spiders when it comes to racing motorcycles

 What a great little storage idea, cash and sim way to go.

 A committed  star wars fan.
 Speed looks like this

 Always liked surfer chicks, something very natural and well......salty

 V-twins and flat slides, this is a rare Honda 750 flat tracker built to take on the XR Harley that flat tracked in the day
A good workshop is the sign of a healthy mind or a sickly obsession. Love the box 'good stuff inside'.

 Just as well they left it as a concept. But nice lounge.

 Love the rear suspension on the Harley dirt bike

 Now this is a great idea, I'm going to have one on my Guzzi.

 I want to whole series, no not me, I don't particularly like Honda's, but I can imagine that that is what the guy that owns these must have said.
This is what you would call a game changer. This bike almost  bought the British motorcycle industry to it's knees. In one month, every single motorcyclist in the world wanted one, this was the bees knees ( what the fuck does that mean anyway, bees don't have knees).

I never had one of these, but that doesn't mean that one day I wont have one. I used to lust after these in every American motorcycle magazine I saw and I had literally hundreds of images taken from magazines plastered all over my walls and ceiling in my bedrooms.

All the Stables brothers lining up for their first day at work. Good afterbull cunsternoons

What fantastic shots of a really beautiful motorcycle.

More husky niceness

I like what's playing, lets go eh?

Lamborghini loveliness
Climbing up towards Rosie's bar
The thing that i really get from this image, is that every house you see in the back looks exactly the same today.

The more they change the more they stay the same.

Here's that Honda again, some nice leccie flat slides, little or no adjustment, just put big jets in, adjust the idle to 2,500 shorten the needles up and let her rip.

And don't forget to throw some nice pipes on too.
The very first Moto Guzzi, who knew then what trouble they would heap on the world and road side riders in the rain eh?
These are the types of roads that i want to ride.
Greg Hansford on a 250 going over the mountain by the looks of it.
More mountain magic, loved this guys paint jobs, Puckett is right
Mr. Hailwood doing the mountain as well.

A relaxed Greg Hansford

I like good knives it has to be said.

some planes fell from the train, Bugger

This is the first time I have ever seen the chassis that holds the engine in place, all these years and I thought that they sat in the frame, not bolted to the front

Yamaha always did make a pretty alloy tank, but I've said that before

Nice shop

Where these things called P-57's/ I seem to recall a story about JFK being the captain of one?

Triumphs always had balance to them, it made them look visually very appealing

Another cuntstable, now see how unbalanced that Triumph looks now, it looks nob heavy to me.
Jeeezus their breeding, plods on bikes they all look like such nobs don't they even today they always ride like they have a carrot stuck up their bums.
Now this bike the venerable Triumph Bonneville was without doubt the bike that most young impressionable boys wanted the most of all, simple, fast ( hey relatively speaking), handled pretty good and could scare the shit right out of a lovely young lass on a late night dash to get her home ( well just around the corner actually), so that she would hold on even tighter. Ha ha.

Jeremy was a pretty handy mud slinger in his day

many a motocrosser left their legs behind like this

Another nice bedroom

The makila is a traditional Basque walking stick, and is notable as both a practical tool and a cultural symbol of authority and strength. The makila is a practical walking stick and a weapon for self-defense. They were (and still are) carried by shepherds to help guide their flocks as well as defend against wolves and other wild predators. They are carried by hunters and hikers in the Basque country as walking aids, and they are used in traditional folk dances. The makila can be swung by the handle for fast, light strikes or used the opposite way to strike with the pommel as an effective bludgeon. The concealed spike can be used to deadly effect either as a thrusting weapon

Steve bakers TZ OW30 that was never supposed to exist apparently.

Like the look of this Triumph

The grand dad of superbikes, shit they got that seat so wrong don't you think?

great barn finds

Amazing that these can be left here to gather dust eh?

Steve Bakers Yamaha, it doesn't exist it doesn't exist


A strunning model, now wouldn't this look nice on your shelf

A  friend of mine raced for Suzuki in Europe back when he was only 67kilos ( sorry CC), and this is how a works team effort looked like then

It's amazing really, in the day it must have been magic, by today's efforts that are travelling mansions this seems almost caveman.
All of these photos come from Craig Coleman and give a very interesting insight into racing in the day. Thanks Craig, hope you don't mind me using them, bloody interesting.

Who remembers Joel Roberts? He was a legend. 

 Gaston possibly one of the fastest nicest people you could ever meet on a bike.

 I had no idea that Cagiva ( soon to own Ducati) had 2 stroke motocrossers

 This one had lights?

 BMW pipe burn nice

 Now that's a V Twin

A Chinese ending, double happy. BANG...................that's done.

Now if your new tro the site don't forget to go and check the archive, if you have a spare 4-5 hours well worth a look.

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