Thursday, 3 July 2014

Lets get this weeks installment off to a flying start. Quite a mix here this week, but what the hey eh? It's all about motorcycles, motor cars, shit anything that is motor involved, so enjoy a brief glimpse into other peoples worlds and other peoples builds. I have to admit in the travels that I do through the net finding things of interest I do come across some pretty ugly builds. I know that people have poured their minds, heart and souls into some of these builds, but at the end of the day ugly is as ugly does, and towards the end of this weeks installment are some uglies that should never have left the garage bench.

I've been known to do this as well, no point riding in the rain, it just increases your chances of going home on the back of a truck, I always say if it's raining you'll find me in a bar back down the road a ways.
I wonder if these guys were having fun?

I'd love to rummage through this lot, some very cool helmets in there I'm sure.

What a groovy bunch of hipsters eh? Weren't we so funny back then. The dude in the blue tank top looks like he's playing with himself

Shit, I thought that he was having an accident, but no
Where as this guy should never have got up that morning.

Nice rig

Honda does build a great race bike, it has to be said.
But then so do Yamaha and ROC for that matter

Lovely little Honda, see when you get it right it's right, even with a Ducati paint job it's still right

This Ducati is also quite beautiful too

Nice rear end.

yeah, this is what it's all about
Goodwood festival of Speed 2014 Mercedes sculpture, stunning

A very nice little banana bike

Really cool little bicycle fitted with engine

Oh yes, now doesn't this look great a GS750 made to look old

Now there's an awful lot of fish there wanting to eat those little men. Lets say that one of those divers is 6 feet tall, now line him up against the side of this fish, that's pretty fricken big. What 12- 14 feet long!!!!

Girls on scooters
This actually made me hungry

I have mornings like this too, where I just don't want the fuck to get up but people wont leave me alone

having some fun by the looks of it.

American Yamaha hospitality Laguna Seca style

No I don't normally put images up like this, so as not to offend anyone or break work place protocols, but this is more about the image and the art of the image than about the subject. Great shot.

A Ducati camera. Did you know that Ducati where the first company in the world to broadcast from Italy to New York. It held a world record for taht for a while.  The airport in Bologna  is called the Marconi Airport after the radio manufacturers that worked in and around the area.
A nice barn find
We all had one of these too.
Is this a nice walk of shame or what?

Perhaps one of the most famous motorcycle photos in existence
A not so famous motorcycle image, this is me at Wanganui, the last time I raced actually.

A motoGP mechanics cabinet is full of chargers
Repsol wheels waiting for their turn.
Honda elves have been working late again
This man still has 'those' eyes. bring your race face or piss off.

One night in Paris, actually this happens all over the world but here it happens to be Paris.

I do like these jelly bean tanked Ducatis

This image caused quite a stir at the turn of the fifties, it was showing the rebellious youth of America playing chicken and caused quite a few law changes in order to try and stop civil disobedience, and a poor attempt to rein in the youth of today. Worked well didn't it?

 BMW build some quirky shit don't they?
Gravel traps in slow motion produce some pretty cool images

 A lovely simple engine that powered a million bikers around the world

Almost looks like an oil painting, love images that show speed

No self respecting rider should ever be without a Lewis leather 'brando ' style jacket. Just the business.

Gaston Rahier a living motorcycle racing legend. saw this guy at Victoria park Paraparaumu one year, he was quite simply epic

I remember seeing one of these in an old guys garage across the road from me as a youngster, he offered it to me, but i said no cos it was ugly. Even then I had a discerning eye for what was nice and what was not.

 That engine again

I think that this is a Mammoth Munch.

Hmmm he's doing about 10 amps an hour

Bog standard they look pretty good.
Now when a builder gets it right, it's a natural, you can see that it is good.

Check out the cleanliness of the bike, the line, the color it all works well in harmony, a mix of old, older and new all to make a nice little motorcycle.

A green frame classic, these are very nice as well, even in standard form they are nice.

 Mr. Agostini in his early days
cafe racers always look' ard' when they ride

 Tidy guzzi bum


Bibendum and flat slide CR carbs

In the days when they raced 50cc bikes at a brazzillion revs.

I think that this is at the factory for the WDW event.

That's knackered that.
A mustang concept that never got built, than god.

OK, here are some bikes that in my humble opinion should never have been allowed off of the bench, this one above seat and tank don't match, exhaust is wrong for the bike, it ruins the line the infill under the seat is wrong it looks like an after thought, the rims are the wrong color and the chrome guards just do not work. Then there is the color, it takes a while to get a color right, it can destroy a bike or it can make it, be careful.

I mean look at this bike, it does not know what it wants to be?, it looks like it's about to bend in the middle, be a Ducati with it's paint, be a cafe racer with it's seat, it's too short in the rear and too big in the seat. It doers not work for me.
And I'm not biased, even this Guzzi is an ugly duckling I mean why would you? Guzzi's have always been noted for not being the prettiest girl at the dance, (but they were always the one you wanted to ride). Sometimes it seems that the builders just don't have an understanding for the basic bike aesthetic. Form and function.

And another, it has some nice detailing but it just does not work right, it's balance is all out and nothing flows together

Then you have guys that just know what seems right

And here's the ending you've all been waiting for, sick puppies

See you next week.

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