Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Here's this weeks Guzzi update, well more a girl update really. Some motorcycles and what seems to be like an awful lot of lovely women. Guess that's just the way it happens as I get lost in the web. Anyway there are still some nice bikes here and some nice other shit as well, so enjoy, any complaints go tell someone who gives a shit basically, Enjoy. Oh and welcome to my new Japanese mates Akira and Ken glad you like the up-dates( and I like your Guzzi's too), and to Giorgio from Italy welcome aboard.

Burgers do go better with bikes

A Pre 1700's Japanese motocross rider, who knew eh?

Mr. Rainey getting his race face on
Monaco, only Monaco

Cool 50cc powered pedal bike.

cafe racer looking double ard.

A very tidy sportster. Like this a lot.
This ladies and gentlemen is Dick Man, no seriously that's his name " Hi, I'm Dick Man".

Croz doing what he did so well.

Mule motorcycles build a nice wee 750 Yamaha
Pretty little Norton

Nice Ducati Shoe, love the trellis design that replicates the frames of the Ducati. V sharp. 

Hands up who knows what Honda NR 750 engine this came out of. A great was to increase HP but to have a small engine ( relatively speaking) . I seem to recall that the piston shape was not the issue, it was the sealing of the rings that were the really smart thing. This piston comes out of a V4 engine and sadly the NR denomination got turned into "Never Ready". But it was a beautiful design.
I do like this Guzzi, I can only hope that they put it into production

Nice shot

 He must be running to his bike.

The space shuttle, amazing, mans ultimate tribute to horse power, strap me in and lets go.

Now Rolf got into trouble for doing this

Just goes to show even the most powerful white guys in the world still cant fucken dance.

It's a flag to flag wet race
Nice paint, must have had a good gun slinger there
Weren't our styling guys of the day really good at doing this stuff. I love it.
A little gull getting Monstered at the IOM
Mr. Gardner and Mr. Schwantz having some fun in the land of the rising sun. headlights means it's the 8 hour at Suzuka.

Egli built some strangely fantastic bikes too.

they started them young in them days, not like now days.
Ducati Endurance ( somewhat of an oxymoron), but there you go.

Home made monster yoikkks!!!!!!!

Eddies Yamaha was always a very nice looking motorcycle, there is nothing on this bike that does not have a purpose or that does not need to be there, and it is beautiful.

Nice wee concept going on here

A V12 Ferrari  Quad, how cool is this.

Nice co-ordination mate

Randy performing perhaps the very first recognized stoppie.

A triumph Rocket that is just a bit different to the rest

Yep remember being this

This is an Ariel? apparently, it looks like an Aprillia engine.

pretty nasty looking read end, but very neat.

Hmmm well it takes all sorts I suppose., not too sure on the old AMC jam pot suspension, or was it a CBX Honda unit, but the timber seat with a felt insert, Hmmmm

This was a paddock bike for a friend of mine a few years ago.

Suzuki's new shot at MotoGP greatness
The Cagiva was a very very beautiful racing motorcycle, typically Italian looking, way better then the rest, but with a slightly fragile personality, and a mean little temperament likely to fly off the handle at any given moment.

This little Ducati appeared on my site last week, and as you trawl the sites more and more images of the bike appear, this little thing is so well built.

The quality and the aesthetic of the bike are simplicity itself and that is what makes this bike quite special.

Had some of this this weekend, very nice wee drop.

A very very nice cafe racer motorcycle. Like the lines of this bike alot.

A ( and you need to put the end of your little finger into the corner of your mouth for this) 12 billion pound boat for the British navy to play in. The newest boat The Queen Elizabeth. Launched with the breaking of a bottle of single malt ( it was built in Scotland the boat I mean and the scotch too well you know what i mean). I name this boat "well, after me of course phnarr phnarr"

What a monster eh? And I don't know how they got that plane on board, yes I do it's a VTO plane.

3 rugby paddocks long, but look how bloody big that crane is!!!!!

Yes I know, I know, I've dropped my usual standards, but it is a nice shot. normal transmission will commence again next week. ( maybe).

OK this week has three different endings because I couldn't decide on which one, so bonus for you all.

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