Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Well that was a bad week for me, Shit I hate this crappy weather, it's bad for me but good for you because you get to see all my work from the weekend. Anyway enough of that, I didn't have to work that hard because some of my friends have given me some nice images to put up. Thanks Craig for the helmets, I've only used some of the images, but my god what art!!!!!! Check out these helmets first up absolutely stunning.
A new helmet for every race, kind of like a dream situation really, where we pay $1300 for a helmet and tend to keep that for about 4 years Formula One drivers can one for every race of the year. NICE!!!!!!

The above requires the below I do believe.

Look at the work that goes into these things, all hand crafted and carved from unobtainiium and costalotium

fast in, fast out
Speed where ever you look

Sky Rockets in flight

 Honda C90 turned into an animal, how stupidly cool is this?

It has to be said when it comes to cool the Italians had it in spades

But then so did the dudes from SoCal too.

Mmmm gold series Cr carbs, how nice are these. Inside lurks more power and the old saying 
MP x MP=MS (more petrol x more power = more speed)

Randy slinging it sideways, we forget that the GP boys have been doing it for over 20 years.

 Never was a fan of these, even after it's been modded it still looks a bit slab sided to me, I do like the exhaust though.

Coils, distributors HT leads carburetors and condensers oh yeah, this means that the control is in the mind and in the foot of the driver, not locked up inside some control box with fly leads and spectacle wearing engineers holding laptops in the crook of their arms. Where it's at.

Pipe porn without doubt

 There's a debate about whether Guzzi's are nice or not, not there's not I was bullshitting you, they're bloody nice
And some Ducati's are getting the nice treatment too.

The boys out for a ride.

Lovely Guzzi

SR500 blinged out to the maximum.

 There was always something about two strokes and Astrolites kind of like pint and beer or hot and pie they just go together

 How cool is this bug

Cuba where else

 And France of course

This is called the Front end tuck, Mr. Hailwood looking pretty grim just behind.

 I like it when your son can take you out for a ride, nice to let his dad on the back
I've only ever seen one of these, and that was in Tokyo in a showroom all fenced off. bloody beautiful car.

Slightly off line with no steering or traction, but only for a second.

Nice triumph. I'm always amazed that the shops here in NZ don't do this to the bikes themselves and sell them as ready cafe'd

Nice wall art, a complete year on MotoGp on one wall.

My good friend Steph eating out down South, love the photo Steph

me thinks by the look of that engine that this is not a clunker

 Ah yes, the road

 Doh, calorific content 0% dirt 97% blood and teeth 3%

 Hmmm something wrong with the design of this. perhaps a dropped tank would have helped
 a 1973 RS Carerra, perhaps the best one of them all, moonbeams in any shop if you can find one and you happen to have moonbeams in your bank. Even the replicas are getting small moonbeams now.

 The 125 T. It was the Fiat to have in it's day.

A Honda c50 can look bloody cool

 A crossed up goat, must have come from the 70's

Now get out of here and fast before something bad happens

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