Monday, 14 July 2014

Now this week I have a number of new 'watchers' who don't quite know what this site is all about but have been recommended this by mates. Well it's a compilation of motorcycles, cars, nice girls, planes and other shit that you would talk about in the garage. In fact it should be called garage talk ( might work on that). But never the less it's about motorcycles in the main, old, new, cafe style, racers, cool things to desire, pretty much anything. Sometimes I put 2 out a week sometimes only the one, it all depends on the veins of images that I get when I'm 'mining'. So enjoy, if not go find something else to do.

The Isle of man trophy, coveted by all, only attained by some, and some laid down their lives for this, quite a few in fact.

 Mr Slight's weekend bike.

 Yeehaaa, the dude on the back must be shitting himself.

What a great shot, this is the thing about living in Europe, I am sure our lives would all be entirely different if we had shit like this to go and see every weekend. Such a rich life there.

 Suzuka Endurance race, a place and a race like no other. lets go.

Speed, it's waiting for you

 How to make big money by selling by mail haha, that's not the story

 Quite an amazing shot, so exposed and so cool, loving the fire proof clothing.

 I do love these things, simply stunning made for one thing and one thing only

 A great barn find

 Mr. Rossi hard at work

This guy is a bloody motorcycle legend, no question, his following is world wide and he is truly loved by all of his fans, and all because he can ride a motorcycle pretty much faster then anyone in the world.

Great advertising picture of the 900 Kawasaki

Mr Rossi again, amazing scenes everywhere he goes.

Check this image out, and this is just his bike!!!!!

 Hows this for a new spin on a barn find, try out a paddock find.

True, I always said to me family, nah nothing but tools, and make them snap on. Ha ha Hey I knew what I wanted
 Now this IS a barn find
 Who remembers these dangerous little buggers.

 Your first wheel stands were always crooked, cos you pulled the bars way to hard, this just to impress the girls.
Oye yoy yoye yoye yoy

 Nice tattoo I thought, worthy of being in here
 This Ducati is a blinged out road replica Desmosedici MotoGP racebike from japan. Only these guys can take a $100K bike and then bling it more.

 I don't know if it's any better then standard, but it sure must have been fun doing it. But shit... where would you start, is there a main jet hidden away in a carb under that?

 Then they do things like this. fantastic work.

Works clothing at it's best
Home made LC350, not too bad

Now days, could you imagine this happening. I'll bet it was the father of one of these boys that suggested lighting the ramp, actually the dude leaning on the car. Ha Ha. Note the can of petrol at his feet and the mother reaching for more. What a crack up. Little Johnnie never was quite the same again, he drank more beer and had more chicks for ever and ever. lesson learnt.

 Yes indeed, Fuck you, I just want my toothbrush and my razor blades you bastards.

Honda always has had an eye for the aesthetics 

 Barn finds, they fascinate me and every other motorcyclist, who secretly thinks that there really is something valuable in there. And then all you end up doing is moving this shit to your place so that you can throw that shit out in a few years time.

Without doubt one of my all time favourite bikes, ever. 

Si Si I ah have a de car in de ah barna, si si come ah  looka 

 Those bloody lesbians

More nice shots from that classic le man meeting, just stunning

 I guess things are looking up for this girl. nice place to store your jewelry.

 ha ha great moment in time.
 I recall them stopping the races at Gracefield one year so they could let this bikie group onto their property on the track and as they rode in, right in the middle was a guy exactly like this, Triumph motorcycle,front wheel at shoulder height, big bars, and he was doing about 20 mph, amazing for a youngster like me to see. I tried to wheelstand my push bike all the way home.

 Now this things been sitting for quite sometime
 Monaco eh?
  Bwaahaaaahaaaaa check out the nobulous dorkycuss ha ha bet his name is Chad

 Somewhere in Australia there is a Monaro rusting away

great craftsmanship here

When doing wheel stands one must pulls ones most serious face

No seriously it's not photo shopped, but it should be chopped surely.

 What a pretty motorcycle

Gold Vespa's for the rich man who wants to feel the wind on his vagina

Ewwww whats that on my sleeve, Hmm smells like money, tastes like money, it must be......

 Jag always had a nice front end, always

Ha Ha Ha this dude makes this 250 seem small, but I know where he's coming from. Like the fat tyre on the XT. But a very noble attitude or a fucked back.

 BMW's and eggs, a while ago that would have seemed about right, but now they are cool all over again

I really liked this image of this bike, very pretty

 Just a bit past it's 50's use by date.

 The SR 500 Yamaha, much maligned, much scorn poured on this bike, and now they are starting to make a come back. I had one and I always liked the way it went even 2 up. My mate Haydn can attest to that, I remember scrapping his feet off of the rear foot pegs on a somewhat spirited ride down the Ngauranga Gorge road, as a very mature 17 year old.

 So this is what happens when Mr. Jackson goes flying eh?

 Bond, Jimmy Bond Mr. Cool personified.

 There you go I broke my rule but hey I just couldn't resist myself. It won't happen again promise.

Now here's the ending you've all been waiting for

Yes Yes I know that you like it, now piss off sick bastards, see you next week

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