Thursday, 24 July 2014

OK, OK, I mucked up but to your benifit. had a hell week, did my mums funeral, moving apartments, trying to find new premises for the office, it's been a nightmare, but....and there's always a butt i managed to get 1/2 of this weeks images mixed up with 1/2 of next weeks, and seeing as I might be off line next week while I get swapped over here's a bumper crop of stuff for you all this weekend to enjoy.

Hows this for a great opening to this weeks Guzzi News. 

This is a brand new CB1100 but packaged up to look like an old CB750 how nice is this. Not too bad for a Honda I suppose.

Burning Man, a must go to place for any self respecting loose unit.

What a great little mobile pub. Our laws wouldn't allow to much of this really which is a pity, but what a great idea.

Obviously photoshopped to shorten it but it still looks pretty cool

My mate Rods office in Wanaka, new Euro copter and a new R44 to play with, NICE!!!!

A few cars appearing this week, but that's OK because I put them there and it's my site.
Check that paint
Nice gloves, a little OTT but still quite nice

This is Buells latest bike, I hate it, it looks like the rest of the regurgitated angular street fighter designs that are coming out making it almost impossible for you to tell what brand it is because it's copied from so many other bikes of it's ilk. Awful.
Now when a manufacturer makes an Homage to one of its older bikes, well sometimes I'm not convinced, but this one made me sit up and go "YES". I like this alot

See I found another image of the Buell, what is it, what defines this bike as a different machine from the rest of the dross, the front brake? And check out the bracket for the plate, WTF? Sorry this is just awful, it doesn't know if it's an Aprillia, a Hornet, a Benelli, a what the fuck am I?

Reuben can actually do this
Ducatis new Hypermotard, it's nearly becoming like all the others

This thing though looks like it wants to sting you in the arse and then fly away at a million noisy smelly miles an hour, bravo that builder.

See here's another example of the same stuff, this one a copy of a Diavel and the one below a copy of the Aprillia

My first race bike was one of these, it was ugly, slow, and was painted really badly, but I loved it alot because it was my first race bike.

Check out the work on this!!!!

I want one, how cool is this helmet. For you guys that don't ride that view this blog, this is seriously nice, hey if you don't ride what are you doing here?

HOG's on tour

Gorgeous little Guzzi

This is where the R90T came from, stunning bike really

Tribute helmet to Joey Dunlop

I do like this little Triumph bobber, very clean

WOW that is a beautiful painting

XJR Yamahas built beautifully, almost like a race bike, anyhting that's not needed is discarded

Ducati made Cameras too

This is what Ducati Superbike racers put their feet on, cool eh?

Next years Honda weapon

 The fastest dirt bike in the world

 Check out the Liders face

Chernobyl local swimming pool

 And their railyard
The dude in the chandels is Jeremy Burgess the most respected engineer and race manager in the business, the sulky bearded guy is Randy Mamola and the guy at the back is none other than The Cros.

Classic rod, they don't come better than this

A Thai security camera haha, that's how you get a country working

Classic laverda seventies ad.

XJR meaness

Jezzzus H Christ sick buggers, it's supposed to be about motorcyc..................oh OK you win

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