Friday, 19 September 2014

here it is. Your Friday fix. Thanks to all of you who sponsored me, I'm still short of my goal ( hint hint), but what has been raised is fantastic and it really is for a great cause. So this week? A bit of everything really, some classics, some ass ics, and some sic images, so enjoy.

R Nine T's, starting to grow on me.

A McIntosh motorcycle doing what it does best.

Race bikes don't have much on them

This is the other side of motorcycling that you don't see that often. There is nothing like pulling up beside a river in the country on a warm day and taking a little bit of a kip. Luxury
The Honda bought out the CB750, Kawasaki bought out the Z900 and Suzuki bought out this little baby and overnight rooms all around the world were plastered in the posters, and friends became very very envious of their mates that actually had the wad to put down on these. This is the GSXR750. Only issue was that at 185 KPH it truly was a full floater as the side panel says, but at about 200 it settled in and was lovely.

This is the CB750, it too was a game changer.

Don't know why this is in here, but i do like them.

Beaches, the place where we learned to hoon, race, wheel stand, fall off,and cause general mayhem with the walking population.


My mate Rod getting ready to head off to Australia to race his very nice wee two stroke.

Love this timber seat unit, very flash
These R Nine T's are really starting to make a name for themselves, I've always railed against manufacturers building something to be 'on trend', but BMW have done a bloody great job that's for sure. No wonder they are sold out around the world and BMW can't build enough of them.

marky playing with his toys, this is how far over he leans. 67 Degrees.

At least the turbo's clean

Love these FUCHS rims, I'm going to put some on mine in a few weeks time, once I buy the car that is. haha

 Now I watched the doco on TV the other night about David Beckham, turns out he luvs his bikes because when he puts his helmet on no one recognizes him, he understand that when he does have his helmet on he thinks of nothing except the ride. bravo that man. he gets it.

Life was very lonely for the very first motorcycle rider on the first motorcycle in the world, but things got a whole shit load better when the second one was made.

I do like knives it has to be said. And I do like very nice knives.

That bike, that rider, and that place. Etched into the minds of every motorcyclist who ever loved watching these types of bikes race.

 This is the new Yamaha MO-09 it looks a bit like a Ducati Hypermotard don't you think?

Steddie Eddie on the venerable FZ750.

Club Tropicana drinks are free
Fun and laughter there's enough for everyone.

 Ohhh baby did you fall over?
He must have won the title before they thought they would and the T shirts weren't quite ready.

This must be where you get a camel tow

I think it was more of a good night actually

Man...........never wear your socks in the bath

Well folks that's about it for this week. Hope you enjoyed this collection of images, remember The distinguished ride is next week, so get out there if you have a bike and do your thing for a great cause.

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