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Monster Energy: Ballistic BJ Baldwin Recoil 2 - Unleashed in Ensenada, M...

Ok, Ok due to the weekends crappy weather, I found myself sitting at my computer with a whiskey in one hand and my mouse in the other, and managed to wrangle together a mid week special for you all. I am always blown away by the amount of stunning images, great bikes, and cafe style web sites that are appearing now. This entire cafe style seems to be growing and growing ( just like the beards and the shaved parts in peoples hair). This entire style is encapsulated in the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride, and I for one think that it is fantastic. hey don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with black leather either, we all grew up on that, but this scene now seems to be really getting some acceptance from the masses, and as a result some beautiful bikes are being built and more importantly ridden. So sit back grab a drink and spend a 1/2 hour pouring over these images and if the mood takes you go and build one of these for yourself.
Oh by the way I've raised over $1,000 for the prostate cancer ride, so a big thanks to all of you for your sponsorship, Much O Grass see ass.

Britten is having a big part to play in next years Southern Sound of Thunder, there are reports that there might be three racing on the track at the same time. I'm going due to my involvement with the team and most of the people involved, it should be a blast, but make sure that your bike is a BEARS bike. ( British, European, and American), It will be a great weekend. To my riding buddies out there, shall we get in early and book that great little Hotel we stayed at last year, now just to make sure that we have the rooms set aside for us.

Who remembers doing this haha.

How many tank slappers did you get riding yours I wonder. these things were manic to say the least
OK, now this dog fits in here, no let me see it goes in there, no that's wrong too. Hondas 20 million geared race box. Look at the work that has gone into this.
Now this is a cool lady, she raced the IOM on a fifty and to this date I think is still the only lady to receive a medal.

The Doctor ( the original one who really was a doctor) Freeth trying out the wings, which were banned almost immediately as they considered them too dangerous for fellow competitors.

Pops doing his magic.

check out the crowds.

The prototype 6 cylinder Honda

I wish we had crowds like this here for our racing
This guy would have won the race before even leaving the start finish, cos his front wheeel was already there.

Valentino's dad was always a bit of a dresser

I see Agostini down there in the front
Luca cadalora, the world champion that everyone forgot, he came he raced he won he left.

Spenser, Cooley, Lawson I think

Valentino and his dad, who would have thought that this baby faced little boy would turn into a 9 times world champion

These made you grow balls
These ripped em off.

Even Rossi's dad had fancy helmets

These were such good fun to ride

Sophia sitting side saddle

Mike doing some advertising

Thsi was brake porn back in the day, Grimecia brakes were considered to be the business

mass centralization was what Ducati did, and considering they ahd such a long engine they did it pretty well

The current King Mark Marquez. Young and richly talented.

To me this was one of the nicest bikes ever to grace a race track, after the Cagiva that is.

It's about engines Sir, that's what matters

No exhaust on this bike!!!!!!!!! It looks very nice don't you think.

Dual throat Webbers, in mah day lud these were T Bloody business

Nowadays the steering wheels costs about $45,000.00USD
The new targa,  I like this car an awful lot.
Now is thath board the right thickness


I couldn't believe this image when I first saw it, I mean those mountains are really steep

Gulp, squeeze, BANG, repeat

Nice shop, see it's all coming back

Nice digs

Jeez Giuseppe those trousers make your cock look really big. ha ha you all looked

What every gentlemen should carry

You need to check out this video below, it is seriously out of shape.

Ok, that's all for your mid week madness Bye for now

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