Wednesday, 3 September 2014


Now if you don't want to view it till the weekend be my guest, I don't want you wasting time at work. Put it on your I-Pad and go to a bar somewhere, order a big fat IPA some fries, take a breath, sit back and open.

Sorry I couldn't wait for the end of the week, sitting here at home, looking out the window after having a few beers with my motorcycle buddies and came home feeling the sedateness of being complete and whole, so thought bugger it get it out.

What a great get away for the weekend vehicle this thing is.

I'm starting to dig these little triumph bobbers.

Made to bring a bomb to your neighborhood in about, oh lets see on the other side of the world in about 5 hours. ISIS wont even have time to sharpen their knives. Praise Alla.... WHOOOMMMPPPFFFF. hey there's no virgins here WTF............

My idea of a nice planet revolves around shit like this, and not chopping off the heads of innocent journo's

Praise someone though for mixing great genes with even nicer ones.

He is having an accident, his feet are off the pegs this classifies this as an accident.

Nah he's not having an accident, amazing talent.

Nice booties

Nice bootie

Hmmm the styling ques here are all wrong, the seat is way to long for the big and the front is pointed in the wrong direction
Where as this one is just about perfect

Ha ha this is irony here in spades, a 500 Parallel Ducati and an Alpha Romeo, both noted for their fantastic electrics, this guy must have been an auto electrician

Paint at it's best

This guy in Alaska wanted a chopper no matter what, and he wanted it for all seasons and this is what he got. How fantastic is this?

Great paint

Oh boy...........................................
Nice wee garage of some old shittters, and judging by the nose cones poking out some late model old shitters as well.
Classic Flame job

Hmm lets see 1 bazillion, 2 bazillion 3 bazillion  4
Now who wouldn't like to find this

Oh..Ok then I don't normally like Corona but I'll have one then, go on twist my arm

A stunning wee truck to play with

A school bus for little people

Chicks on dirt bikes checking their GPS's are pretty cool

This is Aston's new concept, me likey

We all wanted trucks likes this when we were growing up

Stunning paint from japan again

Shit even I ducked when I first saw it.

I'll bet i know what sound this thing makes
This set of images were the first taken inside the Costa Concordia after they re-floated her

And the coast returns to normal. What an effort.

I do like girls that smile
Barn Finds

How's this for a barn find, apparently lost off of the world wide register since the first owner. Did you know that the Vincent club have a register that traces and tracks all the bikes ever made. there are quite a few missing, but when they appear the register goes CHING, another one is back. Coool eh?

I love this helmet.

 Bradley likes his bikes too.

Two GOATS in the same room at the same time

 Rossi's nice lid

Randy doing a Max

Check these pipes out

A nice line up of Triumph Bonneville's funnily enough at Bonneville. 

Yes well even at an early age some people just did not like Suzuki's.
I haven't seen one of these in for ever, those high pipes were awesome

Now I see why they used to call them tubs.....

Oh Oh we all know what's she's been doing, she's been out feeling the wind
Ferrari's new concept car, fuck how nice is this shape

 Concepts I know, but pretty cool concepts
 Don't know if I like this bike, it has shades of an MT-01 shades of a watch shades of Bugatti, I just dont know, some of it's good some of it makes me want to be sick, Oh and all yours for $186,000 USD. Yeah Nah

Close call girl, look up from your phone.

 The images below are from the Porsche museum, these are the cars that didn't get in.

 And who remebers the clip of this car racing towards you in the dusts of Africa, when it starts to bounce and bounce until it flips lands on it's roof and the WOOF a little fire. Amazing video go google it.

 Classic race boots, wish I'd never thrown out my Styl martins

A nice use of a petrol tank.

Give that man the clap, that's all for this week boys and girl. What an effort, What a Blog, Phew.

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