Tuesday, 2 September 2014

What a week eh, and what a start to this installment of the V2Guzzi for you.

This shop has never thrown anything out, ever, what a treasure trove of bits and check out the line of tanks from Yamaha's motocross past. all alloy and beautiful

A few number ones in there,

A great looking XJR

How nice is this interior

OK,OK I know what you've been thinking, here they are....

250 two stroke loveliness 

Mr Rainey sitting on his bike

Now you car drivers out there know about brembo in recent years, but the motorcyclists reading on this list have been using them for decades and we know how well these things work.

A modern Freddie Spencer lid, classic paint scheme

Bit sad that I had to sell mine, I might buy it back one day.

This is how thin a 250 two stroke gets

An NSR for the road!!!!!!! It looks real except for the single sided swingarm, but with four pipes?
RG500's manic mental motorcycles

Nice seat on the Guzzi

This was so kind of ugly I had to put it in. ( he cried)

The RG500 was manic, but these RZ/RD things were absolutely crazy, I miss my one.......alot.

The Concordia arriving in its final port to be pulled apart

Boat interiors are pretty cool places to be, but this trailer is even cooler. check this puppy out, nice does not do it justice

A mid seater Ferrari was found and is now about to go one sale, how much you ask? Well lets talk to the Sultan of Brunei 

Lovely Dainese helmet. stunning paint and am diggin the leather work

It's been a great axe, changed the handle three times and the head about 4 and oh look it's a shotgun now, how did that happen?
Nice steel/rivet work

I'm just tired being a creative type, it's OK we understand

Bubba Shobert had a great career in front of him till he met with a tragedy in the states with an Australian rider Kevin McGee, he was never the same after that

Nice trailer

Blessed are the Kawasaki

The Ducati Museum, was there when they were building it,

Sunday morning lawns, yeah right!!!!

The ultimate urban assault bike phnarrrr, but pretty well done

See, when nice is nice, it's really nice

Bombardier I think, shit who cares look at this piece of work, what a waste of space

Ha Ha this is the only way to make a Harley go around a corner with any confidence

Elsinore madness

They kinda look the same don't they
 No honestly there's a giraffe in my pool

 Sometimes you do have to wonder really don't you, I mean who would have thought that these briefs would ever have gone with a patch?

I want to be there now

Turn this into

I mean what was she thinking, apparently nothing when she got dressed, and it looks like her hand is stuck to that seat too. Wonder why?

I remember this ad ha ha ha

This is a particularly nice Guzzi, the craftsmanship gone into this is almost not seen, but if you look closely you will see everything is beautifully engineered and water cut to perfection.

A very very clever little tool I think

 This velocette is probably one of the nicest bikes I've seen come across my screen. absolute perfection.

 I do like the paint
 The window seat in a Bomber, amazing

Some distinguished gentlemen just have it in spades, like this crusty old bugger

 I knew that Suzuki made a RL trials bike, but never ever knew about an RH motocrosser, can someone let me know about this bike?

Capt. Kirk rode Montesa???????

 Now that's packing in some firepower

 What a great image

How's this for a truck.

 This is also a lovely Triumph triple, stunning work those little pommie elves
 perhaps one of the most beautiful bikes ever to grace a race track

 This bike was in NZ, where is it now?
 Eddies bike the NSR500, mean brutal, nasty, bad handling, it had everything that you'd need to beat an Aussie to the world title on.
Another famous NZ bike, the McIntosh.

I just got given a candle, it smells of Castrol R in the morning, perfect really

OK that's all for this mid week madness. I have so many backed up blogs that I'm gonna have to let them out sooner or later. To all you distinguished gentlemen who have sponsored me jolly good show boy's let's show that cancer the door. To all of you who have enjoyed this the blog quite like no other, get onto the site and sponsor the cause. Tally Ho!!!!! Here's the link www.gentlemansride.com/rider/Punot

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