Thursday, 25 September 2014

This one is smoking hot, sit back grab a bourbon ( neat) put your feet up turn down the lights, or shut the door enjoy.

Yeah and when you've done finishing that, you can do the dishes

Sophia was/is gorgous don't you think?

Some pretty cool helmets coming available now

 Now for those of you who know me, apart from motorcycles this is the other thing that gets me going, there is perhaps nothing quite as nice as doing this, it's very much like motorcycles, once your in the zone nothing else matters at all.

Check out the paintwork going on below, amazing shit

Serious good fun

How lucky was this guy, he still did a 9/833 but was disqualified because he didn't finish on the bike he started.

 Here's a couple of 500cc strokers for sale, no not the ones the below the ones above, she'd probably cost a couple of K but the bikes well they went for about $95K. Two brand new RG500's brand new, one from a crate the other supplied to Suzuki Australia with a raft of different bits on it making it all the more collectible.

 Mr Phillis doing the business on a Katana
 Spencer, Gardner, Lawson Radigues and Mamola

 I always wanted to have leathers like this, but never made it into the Yamaha Team, so there you go.

 Mr. Slight and Mr. Phillis Suzuka 8 Hour
Mr Lawson at the 8 hour too

I wonder if they called him Richard

 Yes well some mothers do have them
 The best shot of Eddie being Steady
 February the 20th 2015 at Ruapuna be there.

 The new Vincent engine, looks OK

 Distinguished gentlemens ride, sponsor me ....please
 Ducati's first teaser shot of their new scrambler, looking forward to seeing it

 I don't know about you but when someone paints them a different color they just seem to look better
 Little bit of a Ducati thing going on here, it's because I found a nice Ducati site, so bear with, I will get back to the real good shit in a moment. Actually I dont care just fucken enjoy it.

 I do like this Ducati
 One for you Tony

 A shot that we all dread to see, it's not because your going to get a ticket, it's because every time you see this image some poor bastard is going to have his wallet lightened, and that sucks

 Here you go Bruce , one for you

Ratty but nice
 My my my

Aprillias new toy about to be released, nice I like it

BMW's are starting to look pretty good, see what I mean by changing the color and all of a sudden they look better.
Stunner a Triumph(sic) of workmanship and class

Ruby have full faces now, how cool is this

And I'd like some big Fuch off rims please

Flat trackin, pity we don't have this here.

Wheelstands in the back street, yeah we all did that

Haha laughed when I saw this one
Does this get you all bouncy?

Do you think Batman would approve

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