Wednesday, 10 September 2014

This weeks Guzzi Blog is a bit early, I've been as sick as a parrot ( how sick does a parrot have to be before you can compare yourself to being as sick as that?).I digress, been really ill with a flu you could hardly believe, and today i am being dragged kicking and coughing to Auckland to see Andrea Broccoli or something ( some blind old opree singer), and wont be around for the next couple of days,
OK, OK this ones a wee bit different, in that I ended up with so many beautiful girls that I had to cram a whole bunch in just to get them off of my site, but I know that you will all enjoy them , given the  comments I get. Never mind, there are still far more interesting motorcycles, cars, and general shit in here to keep you happy as well. So pick a helmet and lets go a ride.
Oh by the way I'm still trying to raise funds for cancer research on the distinguished gentleman's ride, c'mon boy's and 2 girls, I've given hours of hard toil sweat and tears to bring you hours of enjoyment, so how's about elpin a brova. here's the link


My mate Mike just got one of these, he offered me a ride, I said "No", cos I just knew that I'd get into trouble. He bought a helmet that looks just like the bike, he must be a Power Ranger.

World Ducati Weekened 2014

My first race bike, was just like this, it was slow ( just as well), but I learnt to ride it fast, or at least I thought I did. I seem to recall 1.21-1.22's all day long dry, wet, hung over, it all seemed the same.
Gorgeous helmet

She seems pretty relaxed, good on her

Shouldn't look so serious on a 250 mate

Lovely BMW, there are guys here in Wellington who will build you one of these. And they love doing it.

Akira, here's one for you, I know you like these.
In a grungy kind of way this is actually not too bad.
R Nine T's, go get one and do this to it. The boys at Motomart would love to talk to you.

Yeah, Nah!!!!! the paint is not good

Lovely Joey Dunlop helmet

Some people invest in thousands of dollars to go boarding, some people just buy an old bike and go to the beach

700Hp Police truck to catch them in the desert.

Stunner li'l triumph

Loved the sign on this bike, I was I was, honest.
Nice little Rickman

Yamaha XJR beauty

Hmmm looks like a French delivery truck from the 30's

Jorge and Mark duke it out

Oye yoye yoye

Rossi with friends snow fishing? Is this a strange image or what?

Must need to cool down his vagina.

A stunning Harley ( did I just say that), but yes I did.

For some reason I just liked this image, love the new rims on an old Ducati SS, it somehow makes it.
This is a Citreon!!!!!!

Our very own Mr. Chris Amon at Monaco.

Here's that 1200 Harley again, I likey very much

Check out all the lucas coils hanging from the back end.

Biff, twhack, kapow, gentlemen, gentlemen, can't we settle this over a Pernod?

 I have always loved the endurance photographs, they have a rawness about them, a rough quality to really matches the sport.

Barn finds again, imagine finding this thing

Not too sure but I think this is current WSBK rider Baz? But a great image anyway
Nice Guzzi

 This is a Santamonica F1 Ducati derivative, now I know some of you 2xA Ron don't like Ducatis that much, but some of these bikes are here because people never ever knew that they existed. They built this, an F1, and a Laguna Seca

How brutal does this thing look.

 What a nice Moto Guzzi

So this would be from the 10 meter board a 180 degree turn around, with a grab rail into 1/2 pike on the 5 and beautifully followed up with a double 360 side on into a belly flop. Ahhh that'd be a 0 

 I will always show images of great paint, and this is great paint

 Yerh thas blerdy rih erm fookin Joey fookin hud bustad mumblelop mumble  mumble. You could hardly understand this guy, but he was a hard arsed motorcycle racer and did ALL his talking from behind the bars of motorcycle and his own bar actually as well. Great great Irish rider

We rave about MM but these guys were doing it years ago too.

the playground


Well I hope that that put a bounce in your erh step, see ya next week.

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