Monday, 13 January 2014

here's this weeks images, some absolutely crack me up, and some others make me think just how bloody clever some people are. Anyway enjoy.

I cut my teeth on riding these, this is the 'Savage' and there were a plenty of these around. I think I had 5-6 in total, must go and check. Na just checked I had 3 then a TM or a TE as they called it.

had one of these too!!!!

A lovely belt, yours for more money than you currently have in your 00 account

Love the attention to detail here.


I remember these

the very attractive Kat Von D

The bastard or is he just getting her number?

This looks kind of purposeful quite like it

Serious, are we taking customisation a wee bit too far, this is a pile of poo.


Adventure riding at it's best.


That's all folks, see you next week

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