Saturday, 4 January 2014

For those of you that don't even know what these are, what the fuck are you doing here? This is the all mighty all conquering  TZ Yamaha.

Honda flat tracker

Am starting to like these "long tanks"

You have to wonder did Ducati get visited by Aliens at some stage, kind of like Roswell

Long tanks again

Not too sure about that tank

Guess it must put power down in a straight line

Who remembers these ads. even though they were from the States

This looks like a bloody shark from this angle

Stunning wall art

SR500's make a very nice base for a wee street rod, like the look of this

This BMW is about one the best I've seen, love the brakes

My Guzzi bought some comments upon itself but this truck....well

Ok Ok give me some horsepower

Cool truck

Yeeee haaaaaa

Merc concept car, I like it please build this

Getting DOWN

I've seen this a few times

Mr Anstey from Wellington giving it a go on the IOM.

Nice number plate..........oh shit look down look down, there it is

New Honda looks just alright I suppose...............

That is the Isle of Man on a fine day

The 'BLUE' Vincent

Sean giving it a right going over

Vale picks up his XR750

Quite possibly the best engine ever made, this one in a Ron Wood flat tracker for John Kocinski

CX beauty, never thought that I'd say this about the "plastic maggot", but this one is actually quite cool

Yeah Nah.......................................actually Nah Nah

Visited this place, it was awesome

Like these lights, no really I do, I think I might put some on the Guzzi

A V rod done properly

This is a lovely 500SR done well, don't know why he put BSA on it though

Getting down

A lovely hot rodded triumph, just shows what you can do.

Yeehaaa, girls can do it on one wheel


Lovely Vincent


DGR in Wellington, love that Guzzi

All the bikes at the DGR

DGR Wellington

DGR Wellington

Love that seat unit $133USD

Road registered in Canada Eh!!!!!!

These bikes are all up- for sale at Bonhams at the moment

$150,000 - $180,000

$80,000 - $110,000

$180,000 +

$120,000 +

$120,000 +

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