Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Another love of mine is Mopar and seeing as it's 50 years this year since their V8 came out what better way than to see some Mopar images.

Ain't that just pretty

I know I know it's been here before, but I just love this thing.



Vince Sharpe a stalwart of NZ racing for such a long time, great guy and a very very fast rider/racer

Radical Ducati closed it's door this week, here are some of the bikes that they have built.


GOAT,,,,,,Eddie Lawson,,,,yes quite possibly

These are brand new replicas of the car driven by Steve McQueen in Bullit, brand new, now wouldn't you want one?

If you use your brain, you can make the train either go into the tunnel or come out of it, it freaked me out but I can make it go both ways.

And to finish this blog with a joke, check this out hahahahahaha actually the bikes not that bad, but the shyscraper shit on the back end is!!!!

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