Saturday, 25 January 2014

Just some of the many I have owned

My GSXR...............what can you say they were epic

This is the bike that Chris Haldane rode.

Wearing the same clothes in these photos, this must have been when I had too many bikes in my garage, cos I know at the same time that I owned the black and white Ducati I had the yellow one as well and with the R1 I also had a ZRX1200 and the Kawasaki 400 Quad, all at the same time. All for different days, weather, and riding styles you understand.

This was without doubt the best ever dirt bike I ever owned, it was epic, fast, uncontrollable, wicked, nasty, and absolutely beautiful to ride. Even 2XA Slight said it was pretty fucken amazing when we went riding ( he still kicked my arse on the 400 four stroke Honda), Don't know the model designation of that bike, it wasn't important.

My lovely GT, what a bike should never have sold this, it went to Michigan in the end. 

This was cool, it went so well every where every time, end of story.

Max as a younster

This is the one I raced and Dave Cole did too, kicked Roberts bum at Wangas, it was good.

This thing was a piece of shit...end of story

This is the bike that Robert rode

This is the one I rode

And this, we beat Bruce Anstey and Chris Sayle all year on this bike.

This is what Robert did to it, haha everyone reckoned that i was pissed off about this, but i wasn't, Mike took the photo and just as he finished we pissed ourselves laughing, what could you do. A $22K barbie mate

It was hot and brutal ( he said), even with all my blisters it was the hardest thing I've ever done

How cute......... 10 hours riding in 45 plus heat, bucking jumping, no iced towels, or little sit downs and refresher drinks, just balls out riding for 16 days
It has to be said Honda do make a nice jigger

Watched one of these ( not as nice) burble by me just last week, they would ahve to be the best sounding bike in the world.

pretty cool little exhaust on this bike

Not a lot of people know that Ducati make a number of F1 derivatives this being one the Santimonica 
This the Leguna Seca, this one had the wheels from the Paso on it which made it's handling somewhat dubious. 

Italian loveliness

Equal Japanese loveliness

Feek!!!!! where do you start?

Great Sleeve

This is an oil painting of a little Ducati, brilliant

Spidermans dad still trying to come to grips with his new powers

My love of round cases runs deep and wide

A work in progress, stunning color 

Feek, give me an old cold war MIG anyday!!!!

Stunning little triumph, love this builders work

Cool cool tail unit

As is this exhaust

Not sure, just not sure

Shit, this is an amazing image

Great paintwork

Without doubt, the nicest tattoo I have ever seen

Nice Guzzi bellisimo!!!!!

Crack up 70's shirts, yes they did wear things like this around the pool you understand

And to finish off this blog a couple of twin cyclinders

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