Thursday, 16 January 2014

What else are you going to do in the dessert with 135HP and no traction control, plus an ingrained ability to wheel stand for miles and miles and miles................................................................................................

Mr Hailwood on the Ducati 900ss in Australia I think

You meet the nicest people on a Zundapp

Nice Helmet

A pretty famous cafe racer image, I may have posted this before, but what the hell it's still pretty cool

Mr Hailwood getting tucked in

This set was found in original condition and is to be sold at Bonham's, they think that 25,000 pound will secure it.

Mr Hailwood having some fun

The caption for this was "perhaps the best adventure boot in the world". I have these, I have these

This lady was the very first lady to ride a motorcycle around the world

Great paint job

What a great photo

What happened to these, there used to be hundreds of them, now you only ever see 400's

This is about the first nice Buell Blast I have ever seen, pity it's above sea level though.

Looks to me like not a lot of ground clearance on that right hand side

Yes please

Only the Japanese eh

Whorrie Cow you Japanese are clazy people

These things clack me up

A lace leprica

I have a deep seated desire and need for a two stroke again, 100 ? maybe

I screamed around the north island on one of these years ago, and then sadly have to give it back. As a young chap riding the fire breaks of Wellington, I once came across a guy ( not literally you understand) riding one of these miles up in the hills, respect.

You have niches and very definitive market sectors for all sorts of motorcycles, but I just don't get this AT ALL.

Nice house, nice car nice view

This is a great bike

Ducati Street Fighters are quite nice too

Sorry, still struggling

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