Wednesday, 22 January 2014

The Queens new Discovery,,,,,,,,,nice

Big is big

where did I park my F1-11

yeah I know I know the leathers were a fashion mistake. What can I say

That lot in the back ground are all my so called mates, not a finger, not a fricken spanner, not a nothing raised all day ( except a handle or 12), lazy bunch of bastards haha

No caption required.

And while I was browsing I came across ( not literally) some photos of the Man zone that I designed and built, just to show you that there's more to me than just motorcycles. Er well actually there isn't really, but I do miss this place. Right place at the wrong time.

Did you all know that I could once cook.

Downstairs, was a real nice place to be.

There was supposed to be an old 350 matchless hanging in this space, but that's now back at my dads place.

One of the teams I sponsored.

Dr. Jim Bedgegood the nicest, most fun loving hard drinking clever bastard engineer I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Top bloke taken far to soon. Yeh Nah, Nah, Yeah Yeah Nah Nah awe the piss got to me ( best excuse to a client on the phone looking for his work that was already overdue).

Sue on the Royal Japanese Navy vessel  
Kawasaki, you could have landed a chopper on this thing, but it was a blast to ride, I really enjoyed my short two days on this thing. Grin factor 9, I think even Mike liked it.

My GT waiting to be ripped apart for spares at Wanganui

My limited edition Paso, the only one in the country, waited 8 months for this

C Haldane on the Planet Design Ducati

Robert Holden on the Planet Design Ducati

The first 'real' Planet Design racing Ducati

Actually this was the first Planet Design Ducati, 1.23's all day long no matter what weather, pissing down with sun or rain, that was all she would do 1.23's sad eh? hey it was only a 500.

Bought this to turn into my yellow round case racer, the last Planet Design Ducati

Me and my mate Pricey, Desert Storm

The yellow Planet Design Ducati, the last one for now haha

Did a bit of carving too, this is the memorial stone I did for Robert which now sits on the rose garden corner of the Wanganui race circuit. In the background is my 'rocket man'.

You can see the carbon fibre tank off of another Planet design Ducati sitting on the ground. I used this as the model for the front of that carving. It took ages to carve this, because the carving behind was my 'first' carving and the one on front was my 'second'.

That's an SR500 motor on the left.....

Nicky in your lounge

I find it quite interesting how over the years the style has changed so much to achieve the same thing

twist that thang......

meet the martins.............

Mr Anstey, not bad for a glazier from Johnsonville eh? A TT star

I do like a girl that smiles alot.

Love this ................great toy I reckon.


I remmeber watching late at night, and going NO NO No no no no...................

Donald trump, or the real King?

My mate Mike has one of these sitting in his garage

Shit this is amazing, gives you a good idea of what actually happened, the little black cars driver must have shit himself big time.

Just like a well worn set of leathers


A mate of mine has just bought one of these, how cool are these old Beemer's?

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