Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Well this one's exceptionally large, so take your time. If you like bikes and thats why your here then enjoy, if your building bikes then take a lesson from some of the bikes here, if your looking for biking inspiration you are definitely in the right place. Enjoy

A KB1 I think? never seen one in the flesh, but they look bloody interesting

When people ask me why I ride, this is why

A reverse flug colour scheme, nice

A lovely little Norton

Nice togs hahaha

the V7 Moto Guzzi, stuff that ledgends are made of.

Great shot of the Triumph factory, was wondering if these boys are looking for their bikes.

yes indeed, the makers of the arguably the finest alloy engine parts, just a bit of polish and that metal is stand out

A Bimota YB1

Doesn't look very comfortable to me

Mind you neither does this

Steady Eddie throwing it in

Kenny in repose on his drive with his best friend

Only Honda could do something like this, I bet they sold container loads of the things Haha NOT!!!!

These things always looked good, never won a Superbike championship but cleaned up all over the world, Epic motorcycle

Ducati rider 

Lovely Norton

Love this Guzzi

Classic class

See, they can do it right when they put their minds to it, stunning

My mate Mike Hogan aka Mr Pollard raced one of these for a few years, owned by a yank called Dennis, never found out what happened to him

Stunning craftsmanship, I like things that look like this

Never ever seen this image before, and it pops up the First Ducati Superbike factory team

I've always loved these

Old fashioned racing, now days they put a switch on the bars

Picking up rubber to add weight before the end of the race

2XA's bike

haha aint that the truth

Works Yamaha pits

Guess what no sex for you then baby  byebye, I'm off to ride my Moto Guzzi

Your joking me, really,

Must be the last in the world still in a crate!!!!!

I did this all over Corfu many moons ago, the rental guy told me as he brandished a rather large spanner at me  " Mite if a youse a notda beda here wit your bloody girlfriend ida kell you. Apparently it was a new Vespa and I put a really big duck tail on the back of it for doing so many failed wheel stands, haha Greek Dick what did he expect.The longest one was about 5 kilometers, not too bad after only three days trying.The other 2000 were much shorter and far more brutal.

Asleep? I know a few ladies who can do this, it's pretty cool really.

And the skirt is made by Mr Sound Barrier

See, See even tough men ride Vespas. The hat's a bit gay though.

And Honda's too apparently

Just a great image

To the max.....

Bikes, birds barbeques, living life eh?

Now this is a classic Volvo

Mmmmmm nice boots

Steve McQueen on a 250 Suzuki during shooting for a movie in Japan

Well you never know, it might be Honda's next bike out secretly being tested.

A double hard chick on a Vincent

Chris Haldane on a 999 Ducati dirt bike

WRC is  upon us again Yahhhh!!!!!

When Mericun men ruled the world of motorcycle racing

Classic, and here i was thinking the saying was " the brakes feel a bit wooden".

Feet up full power for the first lap, then on the next he was gone.........................

Like this

Now that's an engine

There is just something about the way the Italians do their metal

You need a bit of Rainey to make your Gardener grow, sorry I know I know that was lame fucka yous

I read where two of these came to NZ and they couldn't sell them, so they gave them away in a competition, one in the North Island and one in the South. Amazing eh? Considering what they are worth today. I remember seeing one of them in a shop in Wellington, think i stood in front of that window for days

Shit, I have no idea what's going on here but it looks big, really big

I drove one of these, it was bloody scary, second car to actually make me shake haha.

Sliding comes naturally to both forms of the sport

I think you must ride from one station to the very next

This got sent to me by a new follower, I'am scared that the manufacturers are trying to get on the band wagon of this entire cafe racer scene and ruin it. However this ones actually not a bad jigger

Somewhere in Northland

YB4 perhaps one of the sexiest bikes ever to grace the grid of World Super bikes.

Yum Yum

point your chin and follow it

smooth, every time I see this image I think of Sade's smooth operator

But this is nicer

Billy lane, wonder if he is out now

I've got one of these

Girls, eh they know nothing, look at these two ignoring a MHR, stupid chicks

Roger was a GOD

The french ISD team , this is what they did in the forest

Men race Laverdas

This guy taught Casey all he knows, whine whine whine, but like Casey he was perhaps one of the hardest bastards ever to sling a bike around a track RESPECT

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