Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Who is that? Shit the suit cost more than  bike haha.


Q Are you sure that I'll fit on that tiny liddle seat baby, A erh probably not, see you later eh?

Another why would you, moment. I know its not a cafe racer, but it is still an icon of an era that has gone before and lesson learnt here have been passed on, like how to handle a tank slapper.

And we all learnt on stuff like this, but not as nice

They must have borrowed the guy from HRC to weld these together. Very similar in style

Some of us are, and some of us aren't, which are you?

Ouch..poor baby is there anything I can do with you? Where does it hurt? Want me to kiss it better?

This looks easier than jet skiing

yeah yeah, what a piece of shit, why would you?

Side stand? Joke right

Lovely kit

GOAT? Yes in my books, some say temperamental, some say petulant, I say fuck em, 4 championships on the mantle piece baby how do you like them Nachos.  


This is a short stroke engined triumph to modern man

Mr Rainey

Mr Doohan's got a nice garage, his mantle piece is quite large too.

Great shot, lovely bikes, I saw them in the flesh in Italy and they are bloody beautiful

The very first 8 valve Ducati, Mr Cathcart said afterwards that he had just been 8 valved, this was in Daytona. Mr Cocaine at the wheel ( bars....... what ever). 

Yes even Freddie rode them too!!!

Apparently they went in a straighter line like this

Hmmm not too sure

This is nice, clean lines, simple well built, he msut had known about Co Co Chanel

Croz, say no more, this man pretty much started the motorcycling lives of hundreds of Kiwi kids.

Rossi's on bikes

I remember seeing one exactly like this in London, fuck it was loud

Stirling Image

Not too sure that that is how you polish them these days, but quite effective I should think

He came, he saw, he was smooth as and he walked away with a couple of podiums and 4ths, he did well and is a bloody legend, but i do worry for him

This reminds me of Malt House Wellington 

Kind of like the image above, get me some hot sauce

She's got great calf muscles, that's for sure.

Dont know whats giong on here but it looks epic, nowt like a good fire

They make the loveliest tanks, always will and  always have

I know guys that ride like this, we call them Muppet's

Shit, lets all just go eh?

Si Si I...ah wanna youse to loook arda. Check out the black eye haha

Bet they wished they owned a Honda now

Actually this Harley IS quite nice

Woof mother F*#*ker.

You need to go to this, spread the word it should be bloody good.



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