Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Now this is fast

I love these, think that I might get one next. That'd be the 4th one then.

I have one of these now.................................it's looks OK from this angle, but not from many others ha ha

Eddies weapon, he came , he saw, he won, he went home.
Sometimes you just got it

I had one of these too, actually I built one of these

get the fuck out of my way

You gotta look through the corner
NICE, very nice, Hmmmmmm thinking thinking

Had one of these as well, in fact the very first one in the country. I did that a lot in those days, the moment that I saw a new model, heel toe heel toe down to the Ducati dealer "I want one, when can I have it?". dealer " you want one of what, didn't even know they made them".
Nice boot

Bad dad, bad dad, the poor kid must have been winded to Fuck. bet he didn't cry until about 10 minutes later when he got his breath back.

Our very own New Zealand made motorcycles. OK OK they had Suzuki engines in them, but the rest was from here, and they were fast.

You have 3 unsent messages

Who remembers this ha ha 

I have a friend who should build one of these, and he knows who he is...........put that Harley down.
A couple of people who are very famous in the Ducati Folk lore. Jimmy also did a real nice Arai too!!!!

Scooter racing it looks like a lot of fun

 Mr Bean, actually doing his own stunts, mad bastard
Now some of my mates have these and have been asking if I see any on the sites I visit all dressed up, and to tell you the truth I've never gone looking for them, because , well I don't like them that much, but they do, so there are some sprinklings ( if you could ever use that word in conjunction with these monsters) of them through this weeks weighty tome, and this one?,  well it's actually OK I think.

I remember my first trip in one of these and it was like a trip if you know what I mean, amazing cars

This is a triumph Rocket

Ouch, that must have hurt, for a second, right up until the moment he died.

 Well that's what you get isn't it

 Nice work mate

 A place where old GSXR's go to die, or to be re-born?

Wish I had a color image of this bike, because I remember the magazines when this first came out it was beautiful, fluoro green it was

 yeah, I'd do this.
Big is big I guess

 As I said big is big

Hmmmm what do you think yeah........nah........

 Ben's Bike, right nice

You clazie japanese, who you think you are...................maron bruddy Blandoe

 The front gets there before he's even left
Now this is a monster and it's a runner

Bicksie strikes again ha ha

 dragging for beers

Hmmm tennis players eh, this ones a bit of a screamer/moaner  apparently, I can see why

A really nice Rocket, who knew eh?

Jesus, I thought that we stopped the Japanese from whaling, I'm guessing we should give them one more crack

The next sequence made me laugh, they had to be taking the piss right? These guys knew what they were doing and I don't think any of them can proclaim any bit of innocence

 These guys just knew.........................look at the plate

And check out the fat controllers arm!!!!!!!

A very very famous motorcycle

Stunning design went into these hood ornaments
I've coveted these since the very first day I saw them, pity that I don't fit, and believe you me I tried and tried
he who has the biggest toys, well he's having a shit load of fun I'd say, good on him.

Don't these things look good now days, when they came out they were bloody awful but now, well they're actually OK.

This lady raced in the 50cc class at the IOM and actually got a podium how good is that, and all the while being sponsored by Val Bloody Donagan

Marky trying too hard, great shot
Hmmmm not too sure about this
This is a brute of a bike

Had one exactly the same, bought it off of Bob Haldane, and thought it was the worst handling piece of shit out, until I got used to that stupid 16inch front wheel, I remember thinking that it was going to fall over every time I went into a corner. When i sold it i regretted that for ages, don't know where it is now, but it's still here in the country.

Go on, you know you want one Aa.
I'd be pissed off too. Turn around DICK.


Now this is pretty, my mate Coops would approve, so would Scotty actually

And here's the ending you've all been waiting for

You sick depraved bastards.

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