Sunday, 8 June 2014

Bit of a funny one this week. Lots of cars,. strangely enough, but still more then a few bikes. I have so many backed up it's hard to know what I have included or not included sometimes. But as usual it's all about what we talk about so it's got to be good right?........Right????????

Who knew the Germans could do design like this

Simple graphics, but in the end so fricken nice

OMG haha

I'm loving the color scheme going on here

And these were a pretty cool motorcycle as well.

This is the Tech 3 garage 

Levi making the 'big bucks'.

Cool door sticker

Nice garage, can anyone guess why I thinks it's an Aussie garage

BMW's next teaser for us, very nice

I wanted one so badly

Levi playing at home in Palmerston North

You have to be kidding me right?????

Nice paint

We used to call then GTO's but they called them Celica's

Hmmm a dirty brick

I followed one of these yesterday, it was a genuine Shelby, but it had had 'additional' treatments obviously

This must be some fum 

A beautiful Boxer

Loving the paintwork

These things are outrageous, even today they are outrageous

The right venerable Charger, these things were and still are a great car. Love MOPAR work

Christmas time obviously, nice santa

Our very own Levi giving it some extension 

This is his play ground, it;s massive overseas

Barn Finds are so cool

I am not a number, who remembers this

Lovely sheet metal work

Kind of spooky really

How funny, back in the good old days eh? You could get away with what was right, I think she's taping his gear lever down

And another apt ending I thought.

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