Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Welcome to my irreverent collection of motorcycle images, all collected just for you to enjoy.
I'm off riding a ways up north this weekend riding in the mud and gravel on my big chook chaser so here's this weeks episode a little earlier than normal. Enjoy.

Barber Museum in Murica, quite possibly the largest motorcycle museum in the world, and every single bike works. This is a must see and should be on every motorcyclists bucket list as a place to visit. Who needs fucken pyramids when place like this exist.

There's a few of the Britten in here this week

Barbers again
What a place eh?

I've heard that there is a block in Lower Hutt who is making his own, castings through to finished bike complete. he's done 2 now. Engine castings say Vincent made in New Zealand, how cool is that?

Now I do like this, Yamaha SR400 turned into a scrambler, nice work

I've had this image up before, but it sure is pretty

A V8 Morbedelli a failed exercise in motorcycle design, but it would have been nice if they did have success with this, it was beautiful

Eddies road bike, all loved up, isn't this beautiful

Barber Museum

Lego Britten

I had one of these too once, piece of vibrating shite that spat oil at me in contempt of my pathetic efforts to make it go faster then a 125 Yamaha.

The Denco Britten. Sir Al taking it for a spin. It was actually a Ducati here before the proper engine got built

If you've seen game of Thrones you'll know who this is, great actor.


Getting your head down to business

What a great shot

This is neither a motorcycle nor is it related to anything other then the fact that it is quite possible one of the nicest photos I have seen for a while, speaking purely from a technical point of view. Just perfect.

Planning your tattoo

Now I've always liked the Tech 21 Suzuka bike and I've found some images of it which are rather spiffing

There's something about race bikes that make me appreciate the art of the engineer. So simple and yet so purposeful, nothing wasted, no weight, no brackets, just the bare minimum to go as fast as you possible can.

pretty little Laverdas all in a row

Nice Bmer

Stunting on a Gold Wing

250CC 95HP two stroke tandem engine, bring back 2 strokes I say

Classic American Hot Rod shot

 Sorry i love these but when this popped up I thought ewww that's not nice

This cracked me up

he's wearing an Aaron Slight helmet too.

A Harley Chargeable , seems to be OK, but i prefer my engines to make some noise
Nice wee Moto Guzzi

Shit hot design, i wish we had the guts to do this style all over again.

I know the angles all wrong but it still made me laugh. especially the way the other guys chucks up.

And the end....................................of course, well what were you expecting a gratuitous GIF of some girl taking her wet panties off to highlight the pathetic humour that this is the end of Guzzi Weekly

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