Thursday, 19 June 2014

This is the front of this weeks Guzzi news

Ha ha Wee man will always win at this

This chick seriously wants to go to the toilet

So you still don't know

I am your father

Harry Harry Harry, what were you thinking when you let Rupert in there

Scooter girls feeling the wind on their vaginas

This boy is about to transcend into the level of the gods


I dont want your ghost bits.......................

This guy is so funny

I do like this Ducati perhaps more then most I've seen or ridden

Yeeee Haaaaaaaaa

The middle bits of Guzzi news

This was about the only stunt he did in 'that jump'.


This is pretty nice, great proportions, good line, love the hark back to the 60's with the drum brakes, well done those men.

Always used to love that feeling, easy on wheelstands making you look far better than you were

Great photo bomb

Hmmm always liked those Elsinores, where? just to the left Dick.

Great shot of going fast

This'd have to be NZ yeah?

Haha, I had one of these on here a while ago, and now I've found a whole lot of them, enjoy

As young Kiwi moto crossers we used to dream of having an outfit like this, hot rod custom van with dual windows, and a mean as RM 125 C model

Pretty sad, a bit like a ship rotting away


This is a great image, it captures what riding was all about as kids, great fun

Elsinore's again

And this is the end of this weeks Guzzi news

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