Sunday, 29 June 2014

Will Hartog the bike racers Pompadour

Kenny playing with a Kawasaki
I remember seeing this when it first came out and was blown away

The fastest dirt bike in the world

Mr Hailwood about 3 months before he went for Fish and Chips, so sad really

Nicely bent metal
Only Dali could do this, there thats your bit of culture, get back to motorcycles, and girls and fast cars

Nice wee collection of motorcycles

Sideways, full throttle, front wheel in the air and the smell of Castrol two stroke oil burning your nostrils, what more could you want

My Favorite movie Bullit

Not too sure but this may be Mr. Slights motorcycle

red, amber, amber, amber, green Bounce

Mt Amon in Monaco sampling the delights of Ferrari

 A nice Rocket Three

 Check out the crowds

This is Mr Denny Hulme

Nicely bent metal

Always knew those big Yamahas were boats

I bet this cop shit his pants on his hardley Ableson, shit it was a speed bump he hit, didn't know a Harley could speed

Nice shot
Now wouldn't you just love to get this guy by the throat

Getting owned by an Audi at 300KPH

 You can always get out of trouble on your back wheel.
This is what is referred to as a close shave, this guy should buy a lotto ticket

Farken hell that's scary

 Two engines please

 This is probably one of the most sano builds I have ever seen, just stunning work

BMW front head ( Light)

These guys owned the world

Then this guy from Australia came along and took it off of them. 5 times he did.

Haydn and Mick about to do battle on the luge in Rotorua, losers, I won 2 out of three, ha ha

Just got some of these gloves they are without doubt lovely, Dainese 

 Denny again at Monaco in a McClaren

It really does look like a bug

Snap 2 wheels in one go ouch, daddy was not pleased
Fill her up please, over the coast of Cornwell

Then you go for ohhh about 1000 K's and turn left, you cant miss it


 Nice Boxer

get that Bmer down

Dennys McClaren at Monaco 

Looks snug enough the venerable CL175cc Honda did many a young motorcyclist proud.

Nice Ducati
And now for a completely different ending ha ha ha

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