Sunday, 15 June 2014

Found a good rich vein of crap for you all this week, some funny stuff and some fantastic old images of Daytona for you all to enjoy.

fast food takeaways what haven't they learnt about that yet

You could be forgiven couldn't you


That's going to hurt, follow me I'll show you where to crash

Now you've all seen this guy, but I still crack up every time I see it

Drunk in charge of a swimming pool

This is probably the funniest thing I have seen for a long time haha, it's not like you couldn't identify him just on his size and what he's wearing, plus the 4 second look at the camera. Watch out for the kerb big guy!!!!!!

Mr. Doohan in his entrance way, NICE SIR

Not too sure whats going on here, but it's worth a look


Who knew eh, that these things would do that.

Houston I think you have a problem

Drunk in charge of a pond

watch out for that fish


350 MV Augusta at Daytona

Now this paint is just right

Nice Suzuki's at Daytona

Dick Man don's his suit

More of that works Suzuki at Daytone

Cal Rayborn long gone but not forgotten, who knew that he would get himself killed in NZ, he was one of those riders who had so so much potential and most definitely would have made a huge name for himself 

This was in Auckland last week

Noooooo Sponge Bob

Shit, I would have got a clipping for that

His rebound, and compression settings are all wrong

He just got it wrong

Bwhaaa haaaa haaaaa

Mr. Slight before he took the 111 number

Hmmm yes can't say I'm surprised, it must be raining somewhere

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Thsi sequence of shots, I find quite sad really, the demise of a ship, memories, people,  all gone

Sometimes they end up here.

great style

Bruce giving it some jandle

Now that's a wife

Now this is pretty cool, I know it's not real, but then 20 years ago neither were mobile phones and shoot around the corner guns either

that's a pretty nice ending

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