Thursday, 5 June 2014

yes I know I just love them, they way they bent metal, and then painted these things in such a way as to only enhance the overall look is pretty amazing, to make 300kgs of metal look light and fast.

Here's one in action

Kenny and Randy as young dudes

Looks like a Dinosaur egg farm

Oh my how things have changed eh?

Dan Gurney, nice shoes mate, flame proof?

Tidy brick

Unfortunately the guy diving died as a result of his injuries, the girl driving was his daughter. Taken in 1913

Mad max, oh yeah great movie when it came out

Kenny,Steve, and Ago

Erm ya mon Joey.

Team Ducati before they took WSBK by storm, love the little mechanic on the right, Si Si, it's a bloody bewtarful, fantastico.

Lovely GSX

The last blog, I talked about singles, now people are starting to realise that they are actually pretty good, if they are done right, this one is, Honda GB's yeah Nah, Suzuki LS650 nah nah, Yamaha, they did it right and now people like Deus are doing it righterer

Distinguished gentlemen s ride 


Twin engines are pretty cool

Joey again

This was in New Zealand so I discovered, great helmet

I do so like an arty farty shot, and Gulf colors too!!!!!

Nice rear end

ZRX1200's always have that mean look about them

Yeah Nah, no more beersies for that design guy, perhaps some good LSD might cure him, no wait!!!!!

jeeze, he just got his ass out of that one

A Lamaha adventure donkey

Doesn't go around corners that well, and he had to build it in his mates garage because it was too bloody long

Mark and George playing nice, both wanting the same spot on the tarmac at the same time.

Bruce Almighty is what they call him. Not too bad for an ex glazier from Johnsonville, well done that man total respect for your many accomplishments at the Isle of Man this year

Kenny's thing.

I do like the paint on this old thing

The poo lice with their new toy in England, an Ariel Atom perhaps one of the fastest cars in existence

Now I do like this bike, I've owned a few of these but none like this one, don't like the seat that much, but I love the bike.

The build quality is up there that's for sure

Ram Airness is good


Sorry don't care, this guy is a fucken riding God, borderline narcissist, but who wouldn't be. He's a GOD 

Hmm do like this color

Steve McQueen like you've never seen him

Sir Al getting down on the new Norton.

Serious? That secret you, what a gay fuck who wears his undies on the outside. Hmmm think I forgot to splash on my David Beckham Odour Colon.

Nice little 600

And another nice ending don't you think, that's all for now, the weather in the weekend is looking like crap, so there may just be another installment in a couple of days.

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