Sunday, 1 June 2014

Steve McCool

Kenny's garage has some nice bikes in it. He made his own frame for the dirt bike

I love roads like these

Funny, we love the twisties, but then spend most of our time trying to straighten them up.

Kenny's personal garage

great shot

You know sometimes you just have to wonder really, don't you, wonder what Darwin would have said

Tidy Norton

Rotopax fuel cells are bloody great, just bought some myself

This is what the Isle of Man actually looks like from the air, pretty amazing really 30 odd miles of mayhem

Nice bit of road

Psssstttttttttt the sound of air being let out behind you

Scheeeerrrrrrccchhhhhhh the sound of fiberglass coming up behind you

Cool little tents

The old style and the new style on the same corner at the same time

Hmmm must try that and see how it works

Feel my burn Marky, I'm right here just up inside you, is one way of looking at this photo.
Or it could also be George I'm going faster than you into this left hand and BAMM look I'm in front come on race me........if you can

This is pretty amazing  really

Wayne Gardner on 111? 

salt racers

This is where I'd like to be right about now

Unusual, but OK.

Gives you a small idea of how hard you work when your out enjoying yourself on a ride

Yeah NAH!!!!!!

This looks like fun wheelstanding along a sandy beach

George does this a far bit actually, extreme height, good extension, lovely balance, well executed 9.5

Seen a few places like this in NZ, it's amazing where you can actually go.

Freddies thang

This is how you get down, amazing lean angles

Indian Larry, if only he had worn a helmet eh?

I think it's only running on one cylinder mate

Who hasn't been here and felt 'the' burn

Sete with his grand dad out trials riding

It's called trust and commitment every racer has both in spades

I do like this BMW

Mr McQueen after a long day racing in the ISDE, well done that man, some guys just had it.

This is a tricky paint job that's for sure

MM laying down the law, "this is the right line to take through here".

Some mates in Dunedin, yeah nah, but it looks bloody cold, buggered if I'd be out riding in that.

And that's about all I have this week. Go on go for a ride.

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